Online gamers who are keen on playing action adventure games packed with the combination of core features of adventure and action games all in one, then no other sandbox game can be as worthwhile to their passion as Terraria PC. It is certainly the most assorted and widest genre in the online gaming world. Terraria is the game that pretty deserves the term “Adventure” or “Action Adventure” adequately describing fiction genre that the game belongs to and not its Game Play itself. You are here to quench your thirst for enjoying a pure adventure game with situational issues to challenge your passion of being a world class player in a true sense.

Download Terraria free full game from this site and message your caliber what a multiple genre game is! The game consists of multiple exciting stages one after another and every stage varies from the previous one so that you are in the face of a new experience each time to avoid getting sick of repeated sameness. The foremost mission contains the formation, achievement and change of raw stuff as you have to go through diverse biomes and structures. Money makes the mare go, so the Terraria is usually a paid game but we’ve resolved the question of how to get Terraria for free with this free offer for the game devotees


Index Info

Developer:          Re-Logic

Distributor:         MS Windows

Designer:             Andrew Spinks

Releasing date: 05-16-2011

Modes:                 Single & Multi-Player


Main features of Terraria PC game

  • Sandbox Game
  • Action Adventure
  • Fiction Genre
  • Multiple exciting new stages
  • Diverse biomes and structures
  • Multiplayer Modes
  • Crafting Activity
  • Battling with creatures
  • Mega Challenging fight events
  • Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
  • Currency System

Minimum Required System

  • Hard Drive Space: 200 MB
  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, & Vista
  • Video Memory: 128 MB, Shader Model 1.1 supporting
  • DirectX Version: 0c

You should be cheerful at free Terraria download to get entertained with a 2D sandbox game awash with the new exciting features such as crafting, exploration, and building new objects as well as battling with several creatures. You’ll be wonderstruck to learn that more than 20 million copies of Terraria have so far been sold and this series still continue to grow. Credit should be given where it is due as this site offers Terraria free full game for its users.

Game Play

Before you go ahead with the curiosity that how to play Terraria, it is amazing to learn that Terraria Game Play mainly revolves around combat, exploration, and construction. Terraria game enjoys a 2D tile shaped graphics reminiscent of 16-bit sprites on SNES. The fame cause of the game is typical discovery adventure identical to the title, for example, Minecraft and Metroid series. You have a procedurally created world, to begin with.


How to play Terraria?

You are provided with three main weapons you can get started with as under:

  • A short Sword
  • An Axe
  • A Pickaxe

Whenever you need mining, you can use a pickaxe. You can make use of axe for woodcutting and in the same way; you have a sword to battle with creatures. At the time of beginning, you have 100 health-scoring you can increase by digging underground items with pickaxe up to 500 points. At the successful finding of each item buried underground, you are awarded the score accordingly.

Crafting activity

It is not that you dig anywhere and find the items; particular items can only be found in particular areas of the map and these items are mostly found out of rare as well as common containers or they may be the drops left by the enemies. You can make use of several resources to craft innovative objects and tools at crafting stations. However, you will have to make the right selection of that particular station for example; if you intend to craft furniture items, you need to use a work bench and in the same way; if you fall in the need for bars, you are able to smelt them at a furnace by means of ore. Terraria game allows you to invent multiple creatable items in relation to the particular recipe accordingly.


Battling with creatures

You can battle with several creatures during the Game Play; some of them are demon eyes, region specific creatures, zombies and simple slimes. You have to face any enemy at any time on any spot during the course of action. However, you can combat with them using various weapons and tool as already stated above such as swords, magical spells, guns and more. The maps are full of pros and cons with unique times as well as hidden enemies. All these features make the game fantastic, exciting and frightening.

Mega Challenging fight scenes

This series doesn’t end here as you also have to fight with mighty boss monsters, for example, King Slime, Cthulhu Eye etc. All bosses are a tough act to beat as most of them are surrounding by a few times annihilating blocks by means of the world or some criterions are accorded. Added to this, another mega challenge can suddenly be faced when Goblin Army comes as a bolt from the blue on your base that you must defend.

NPCs (Non-Player Characters)

When you accomplish particular targets, such as you are beating a boss or finding a weapon, you are able to attract NPCs (NonPlayer Characters) to dwell in rooms or structures built by them, for instance, a wizard, nurse or merchant. You can acquire some of NonPlayer Characters by searching all the way through the world and then you’ll be able to live in your accommodation. Thus, NPCs become able to purchase or sell out a few services and items with the available coins. Please, note that in case you are playing this game on your mobile phone, then some NPCs are not found in the version you see while you are playing on your computer.

Currency system

Through the provided currency system, you are able to accomplish NPCs transactions by using coins. You can use them for ammunition and decoration. Amazingly, the currency system of coins is very similar to that of your real life. These metallic coins are found in platinum, silver, and copper. Coins can be accumulated in your account by destroying blocks, killing monsters and selling NonPlayer Characters.

Prominent Biomes

The game offers a variety of biomes, yet the most considerable biomes are Snow, Hallow, Forest, Ocean, tow evil, Underworld, and Desert. Nonetheless, these biomes don’t appear automatically in a world except one of them but minor biomes keep appearing and affecting rivals which spawn. Some of them are Outer Space, Granite Caves, Floating Islands, Spider Nests, Lihzahrd Temple, and Mushroom Caves.


The popularity of the game can well be evaluated by the fact that more than 200000 copies have been sold so far after its first release and this series still continues to grow up. Terraria game enjoys the award of being top sellers on Steam. To enjoy these kinds of exciting games, stay in touch with us and keep visiting this site for more exciting & adventure games.